maryanneMaryanne Nicholls is a Stress Coach and Registered Psychotherapist

Is something missing in your life because of a build-up of stress and tension? Are you challenged focusing on even simple tasks because of constant worry  Do you find yourself tired all the time, unable to sleep or stay asleep?  If so, you aren’t alone.  These are all signs of chronic stress. I can help you – by facilitating a new awareness and approach to stress in your life, in a supportive and confidential environment. I work with people who are interested in making lasting change by engaging in a creative and experiential approach to stress.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist (RP), Certified Gestalt Therapist (Cert. GIT), and trained in Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Emotion Freedom Technique – Tapping (EFT), and Trauma & Attachment Psychotherapy. I work collaboratively with your team of health professionals to ensure the best possible care and support to get you back on your chosen path.

My company is “The Joy of Living” and is built upon my belief that everyone is entitled to a quality of life that truly delivers joy.

Before I became a therapist I was a business consultant; as a new entrepreneur facing the day-to-day stresses of owning a company, I quickly became very aware of stress in the workplace and the debilitating effects it can have on us and on our environment.  I have been both personally and professionally impacted by stress, which is why it is my mission and life’s work to help others find a positive way out of being stressed-out. My goal is to help my clients discover the path to living stress-free.

Speaking & Editorial Topics

  • Breaking free from the Cycle of Stress
  • Learning to balance personal joy for a productive life
  • Authenticity and anxiety – how to feel like you
  • Functional mental illness, navigating through life with bipolar or anxiety disorder
  • Mental health & the workplace, why personal issues impact professional goals
  • Isolation and depression – a series on understanding the truth behind depression disorders
  • Cognitive therapy and the new thinking
  • Stage Four What…Mental Health & The Actively Dying
  • Chronic Illness & Depression – The Chicken or the Egg Scenario
  • Living with “What If”- How to deal with constant anxiety
  • Loving someone with Anxiety – The ‘How To’
  • Bipolar Disorder & The Challenge for A Quality of life
  • Picking up the pieces – life after inpatient care




Maryanne comes through as an intensely caring and seeking individual. She will research and experiment with whatever interests her until she has a grasp of the “essence to transform” that the thing, activity or concept holds. I enjoy her steadfast determination to experience life to the fullest and in all aspects of life. She challenges herself as she would anyone seeking understanding of their life situation and the patterns that have shaped it. So many diverse personal experiences have created a wealth of knowledge from which to draw when co-creating with a friend or client the best and shortest route to change a pattern of behaviour that is no longer working for them. Maryanne allows her “very real humanness” to shine through and become a ray of hope for others who are seeking “the joy in living” more simply and peacefully in their lives. – Jane Mactinger