December – Looking back and looking forward

How are you going to spend this Solstice?

Mid-December marks the shortest day of the year in our Northern hemisphere – the Winter Solstice.  It’s a quiet, contemplative time, when we want to curl up by a fire with a hot chocolate. A time of going inside.

I like to turn the day into a personal ritual, beginning with a tarot card reading.  I do it in a Gestalt kind of way – What stands out for me as I pull a card? What does it say about my hopes, dreams, past, and hoped-for future? About my challenges and triumphs? Instead of doing this in the new year, I do it on the darkest day.

Marie Forleo suggests something similar, in the form of 3 questions:

  • What did you do this year that you’re proud of? It doesn’t have to be big. We usually end focusing on what we didn’t do well enough, and then beat ourselves up over it. Instead of focusing on the negatives, first focus on the positives – write out these things; it might surprise you!
  • Once you’ve set the tone, then look at your mistakes and what you learned from them. We all make mistakes, but we don’t have to keep on making them.  We can turn these mistakes into learning opportunities that help us grow and thrive.
  • What are you willing to let go of? There are so many things we have on our mind that really simply clutter it up; they aren’t related to what we are moving towards and simply slow us down, distracting us from what moves us.  Now’s the time to drop them.  This also goes for lingering resentments and hurts – you might want to ask yourself what benefit you get from hanging onto them. If the answer is “Not much!”, then drop them and move on.

Steep Your Soul – Richard Rohr

Quote of the Day
While I relish our warm months, winter forms our character and brings out our best. -Tom Allen

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