Honouring the Ancients


For those that are just joining my journey now, the last couple of posts have been taking my readers with me through my medicine journey in Mexico.  It was an incredible journey that I am still benefitting from. And I feel it is important to share those benefits with anyone who wants them. To catch up to this post you can read “Digging for Sacredness” and “Powerful Influence”.

 I’m still in New Mexico, reveling in my life-changing medicine journey. I have been trekking through the ruins of Teotihuacan in Mexico for the past 6 days and each day I feel more connected than the day before.

Those who built Teotihuacan honored the Olmecs.  The Mayans honoured those who went before them; and the Aztecs, in turn, honoured the Mayans in their own way. Each emerging civilization was honouring the ancients that came before them.

The ancient city of Teotihuacan represents a place of emergence into the world as we know it.  It is a place of light.  Each temple here reflects light in it’s own way, different from the way every other temple here reflects light.  I imagine what it must have looked like in its prime:  temples covered in mica, reflecting the sun, fire, light of all kinds; water ways and fountains, serving as reflection mirrors; avenues filled with plants, flowers, fruits, birds and butterflies; buildings painted in the deep rich colours of red, navy, gold, reflecting patterns and deities.

As I walk through each temple and building, I take the time to feel that difference in light, the qualities that this difference brings.  At the Temple of the Sun, the feeling is one of intensity and clarity; at the site of the Earth Goddess (in front of the temple of the Moon) the light is diffused and refracted in every direction, absorbing back into the earth.  At Tetitla, a small

Jaguar Mural - Teotihuacan

Jaguar Mural – Teotihuacan

temple outside of the main complex, that some say honours Spider Woman, I feel a softness and warmth that makes me want to stay a while. Each temple is honouring the ancients by setting up an experience of reflection and connection.

How are you honouring the ancients? How are you connecting to what has come before you? Developing connections to things that are larger than yourself can bring a sense of peace to your life – try it.

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