Progress Not Perfection

The US election has come and gone; many are sad, shocked, angry, fearful; others are relieved.  I will refrain from talking directly about it, not being an American, even though I am affected by the result.  Instead, I want to talk about progress, because life doesn’t stop even in hard and imperfect times.

I was reminded of this from a short video I saw the other day by Marie Forleo  in it, she focused on how perfectionism can kill our dreams.  Life and growth and even happiness doesn’t depend on getting it right; it depends more on our attitude of being open to experimenting, and even failing.

Perfectionism will kill your dreams.  None of us are immune to this – we can all slip into it when we are involved on something we care about. Why? Because seeking perfection comes from procrastination and fear … to grow and really move ahead in our lives we need to fail over and over again, with a willingness to get back up and try something different until we get it.

Anne Lamott in Bird by Bird , when speaking on learning to write, recommends the shitty first draft as an indispensable phase of literary creation – or any creation. Reid Hoffman, an American internet entrepreneur, was speaking about business when he said: ”If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you launched too late!” Business or otherwise, with everything we do, the crucial thing to remember and measure ourselves by is our willingness to go ahead regardless of our fears or failings. And this is true for the next project or life event, and the one after that, and the one after that, right up to the latest current one.

Getting back to the US election, many of us feel we failed personally in some way – yes, even us non-Americans; that we missed something crucial. And indeed we did.  So, take a moment to grieve, then get back up and try something different. It’s all part of living, growing, and progressing.

A voice of reason, applying to both inside and outside the United States – Robert Wright: Progress is not a zero-sum game.



Quote of the Day

Progress isn’t guaranteed. It’s not inevitable. It’s something that has to be fought for.
-President Obama


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