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The 3 Things Essential to Living Well

Georges St. Pierre is a champion in Mixed Martial Arts.  Even if you don’t care for the sport, his approach to it might still inspire you.

Georges was born and raised in a small town in Quebec. He was small for his age, and as happens with many small boys, he was picked on and had to learn to defend himself – hence martial arts.  He grew to love it, not only for the self-confidence it gave him, but for the discipline it taught him. Through martial arts, he learned how to appreciate what really mattered, and to live according to what gave his life meaning.
I thought I’d share with you the three things he found essential to living well: discipline, attitude and confidence.

  • Discipline – our brains and cells build up a memory of what we do habitually.  There’s research showing that the myelin sheath that surrounds each nerve has muscle memory, so that the more we perform a specific task or gesture, the better we become at it.  Discipline – the training of our mind to do certain things regularly, no matter what – is how we develop good habits and strong instinct.  I have a rule in my own life that helps me maintain my own discipline: I never go to bed without checking in with myself and planning my next day. What habits do you have that help you live well?
  • Attitude – have a balanced attitude toward how you live.  What truly supports you?  Challenge helps us stretch and grow.  Self-honesty, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, can build in us a healthy attitude.  Willingness to keep putting one foot in front of the other will always eventually get us where we wish to go, and boost our attitude in the process.  Here’s a challenge from St. Pierre for you: see if you can see any empty space you encounter as room to grow.
  • Confidence – we can really only do something if we believe we can accomplish that thing. This means preparation.  Know what the worst thing is that can realistically happen, then prepare for it.  Establish new habits daily that build your confidence in dealing with worst-case scenarios, if they should happen. For instance, I set daily, weekly and monthly goals; I look at my success in meeting my goals, determining what didn’t work and why, then resetting them accordingly. My confidence in accomplishing what I want to accomplish grows every day by doing this.

Discipline, Attitude and Confidence: Following through with positive attitude, knowing you’re able. And knowing you’re worth it.

Now I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences, knowledge, opinions.  In the comments below, share one thing that you experienced as a mirror moment that changed your day, or even your life.

This newsletter is in three parts: the first part is my contribution; the second is a video I’ve found that relates to the topic in part 1; the third is a quote. I hope you enjoy the richness this brings to the topic of the week with all three parts.

George Strait – Living and Living Well

Quote of the Week
Optimists think badly, but live well.
― Marty Rubin

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