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Make Visible your Shining

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.

-Robert Bresson

I spent time with a dear friend of mine today – Jane Mactinger.  She’s a Shamanic Healer – unique in her own way, and very powerful. One of the things we talked about was becoming visible. So many of us – Jane and I included, shy away from making what we shine in visible to all around us, fearing we might offend someone.  Even deeper, fearing we might be exposed as some kind of phoney, even though, for people like Jane and myself, we have more than enough credentials and training to back anything we claim. Perhaps it’s more a Canadian thing, but I know there are a lot of us out there – in hiding.

I listened to Martha Beck recently talk about self healing, and in her talk she mentioned the name for Hawaiian healers – Way Finders.  When children show a natural talent as healers, these children are trained in navigation, and eventually earn the title of Way Finder.  When I heard that, I knew what I was, because that’s exactly what I teach – how to find your unique way to live a life filled with joy. My training in Gestalt and other psychotherapeutic modalities, my studies in ancient philosophy, my training in shamanic healing techniques and ways, and my experience in being what so many of my clients strive to become – uniquely qualify me for that title. And yet, I hesitated in applying that term to myself.

Then I listened to many others, and read the above quote, and realized that I, along with Jane and so many others, are depriving not only ourselves but also others by remaining hidden in the bushes of false modesty.

Each of us has something only we can offer the world, and in openly offering it, we can’t help but enrich ourselves and our community.  If you’re not yet sure what yours is, try this:

  • What brings you joy? Find a place where you can safely explore this question without interruption. It may be your own space in your home, or it may be a park where you can walk and explore. Once you’re there, close your eyes for a few breaths and let go of the day, the week, of anything that might distract you. Then, begin to remember times where you were happy, content.  There’s a shamanic tequnique called recapitulation, where you begin by noticing how your body feels when you experience a certain memory; then you travel back to the last time you felt that physical sensation, recalling the event that went along with it; then the time before that, and so on, until you can’t remember any others. In this instance, begin by noticing how you physically feel when you experience joy – a warmth in your belly, and sense of rising or lightness – whatever it is, take note of it. Then begin recapitulating all the times when you experienced that feeling – what you were doing, where you were, who you were with, etc.. All the things that made up that event, learning the kinds of things that bring you joy.
  • Make joy a priority. Now that you have more knowledge of what brings you joy, make a commitment that you will make this experience a daily priority. It doesn’t have to be big, or take long.  I love sitting quietly every morning with a coffee, watching the morning unfold.  This simple pleasure brings me joy and sets my mood for the rest of the day. I make sure that, no matter what else happens that day, I do something that brings me joy.
  • Make it real. Bring it into your life, starting today. You might be surprised how this simple change will begin to re-color your life.

I want to mention how this newsletter is structured, because I’ve discovered some confusion with some of my readers.  The newsletter is in three parts: the first part is my contribution; the second is a video I’ve found that relates to the topic in part 1, but most often is not referenced in part 1 (it offers a different point of view); the third is a quote. I hope this eliminates the confusion, and that you enjoy all three parts.

Earth, Wind and Fire – Shining Star


Quote of the Week
You’re a shining star
No matter who you are
Shining bright to see
What you could truly be (what you could truly be)
-Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star
At times we need more  – we know the logic, know what to do. And yet something is still blocking us. I offer both one-on-one consultations and coaching packages.  For more information, visit my website www.thejoyofliving.co/services-and-programs or contact me directly at maryanne@thejoyofliving.co

The 6 things you need to develop to live a successful life

A number of weeks ago, I heard an interview with Brendon Bouchard. He was introducing his latest book High Performance Habits. The book is a summary of a 3-year research project looking at why and how high-performance people do what they do.  He defined High Performance as Sustained, long-term success.

He discovered some key things that all of the people he interviewed had in common.  These people were all highly successful, not only in their business but also in their personal lives.  Much of what Bouchard discovered has been said by others, probably forever, but in his gathering it all together, he’s created something powerful.

He identified 6 habits that were true for every high performer he interviewed. I’ve put them in my own words and as I understand them. Here they are:

  1. Show Up. That’s right. Show up – daily, weekly, monthly.  Do what needs doing, and don’t skip it! Turn this way of operating on a daily basis into a habit that you learn never to drop.
  2. Balance your life. Balance is about living well emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and sexually.  This is something I learned in Shamanism, and now it’s coming into modern use.  Without this kind of balance, we lose energy, and simply aren’t able to show up all the time, when we need to.
  3. Clarity. High performers define the feeling they’re after, like “overall contentment” on a daily basis: not having a feeling of contentment for a split second, but how, in general, they want to feel regularly.  How do you get there? If you know how you want to be and feel, you can begin to define the kinds of activities that will get you to that state. For instance, I want to feel light-hearted and full of hope; and know that the kinds of things that will get me there are focusing on what’s truly important and always including time with those I love.
  4. Positive self-talk. Bring that inner elder to the surface so that she can guide you openly and powerfully.  For instance, every day, I decide what I need to do, then I have a talk with myself. Like: Maryanne, you really need to focus on getting this document out, so make some relevant self-contracts – this is completely doable and once you’re finished, you know you’ll feel fantastic.
  5. Manage transitions. Take time when you’re switching from one set of tasks to another to reset your intentions. Take a break, let go of the current focus, and set the next intention.  For instance, once I finish my newsletter, my next task is usually to see a client.  Before I can see that client, so that I am 100% present with her, I take 10minutes.  Often, I’ll cup my eyes with my hands and simply sit there, breathing and relaxing. It really works.
  6. Stop striving and start thriving. Full engagement, joy, confidence – those are the three things high performers feel as they work.  They don’t feel stressed, striving for something they don’t yet have.  They’re happy and engaged.  They’re thriving, right now, in the present moment.

I encourage you to get a copy of his book, and see how you can apply what he’s found in a way that works for you.

Now I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences, knowledge, opinions.  In the comments below, share one thing that you experienced as a mirror moment that changed your day, or even your life.

This newsletter is in three parts: the first part is my contribution; the second is a video I’ve found that relates to the topic in part 1; the third is a quote. I hope you enjoy the richness this brings to the topic of the week with all three parts.

Secrets to success – Richard St. John

successful life

Quote of the Week
Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live.
― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

At times we need more  – we know the logic, know what to do. And yet something is still blocking us. I offer both one-on-one consultations and coaching packages.  For more information, visit my website www.thejoyofliving.co/services-and-programs or contact me directly at maryanne@thejoyofliving.co