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You don’t have to sit in bed all day, wearing a worn out robe, to be depressed. There are many cases of “walking depression” among the general population. People tend to have a skewed view of depression, too. They think it causes you to sit in a dark room for hours on end without showering. While this can be true, the noted symptoms aren’t aligned with walking depression.

People who are truly depressed and functioning throughout life may not realize they are depressed because they are functioning throughout life. They may feel like they are going through the motions and faking it- when, in fact, they are walking around depressed.

Loss of interest is a sign of depression. Now, you may not love going to work everything – that doesn’t mean you’re depressed. But, let us say that you love to bake, and suddenly you don’t feel up to baking… well, this could be a sign. Not feeling engaged with activities you love to participate in can and may be a problem.

Anxiety is a sign of depression. Yes, anxiety can be its own diagnosis but it can also be a symptom of something bigger going on- like depression. Women tend to have more anxiety symptoms than man when it comes to depression. Men react differently. Research shows that in addition to irritability men may display symptoms not typically associated with depression, like escapist or risky behavior, substance abuse, or misplaced anger.

Emotional issues. Yes, if you’re happy and sad and then angry and then sad and then happy and then angry…. well, the fluctuation can be caused by depression. Don’t forget, depression does impact the chemicals within your brain and can cause issues when it comes to your emotions. You can be depressed without being in a state of flat sadness all of the time.

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  1. Nicole Hanton

    Nicole Hanton

    January 28, 2021 at 3:41 pm -

    yes good morning I’m so glad I came across your page of the joy of living because I am and the situation where I am living with my baby father and he has that oldest child but basically son and I feel like he’s suffering with depression and anxiety especially I guess because what he been through as a little kid and he stays in his room all day every day the dark place he only leaves out to go attend and do things with his mother and his stepfather but does affiliate with me or his little brother in the same household after I like the anger and depression what he been going through with his biological father he takes it out on us but stays in the dark place I continue to try to pray for him I get irritated sometime but I try not to because I know he don’t mean no harm that I really feel like he needs to speak to somebody that’s more professional thank u so much. That’s just a little piece of what’s going on now. 😌

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