People think about the term “vulnerable” as a negative, but this attribute can actually help you! We tend to vet other human beings based on how genuine they are, and you can’t be genius without being a little vulnerable. I’ve put together 3 benefits for being vulnerable.

  1. You are able to take risks and move yourself forward. Putting yourself “out there” means you have the guts to dare to try something or be how you truly are on the inside. You are letting others in without editing yourself. This means you make yourself vulnerable to comments and criticism, but that is OK because you’re growing.
  2. You connect easier with people.  The difference between caring and walking by someone hurting is empathy. You can’t have empathy without reflecting vulnerability. Having the tenacity to care about people shows a lot about your character and further develops your ability to relate to people and have them relate back to you.
  3. Problem vs. solutions. People who are vulnerable are people who are willing to admit they have problems and then move forward by working on solutions. Being able to admit there is a problem by being vulnerable opens up the channels for help to arrive and for one to better him or herself.

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