It’s Friday. Are you thinking about the weekend and Monday already? Many people are. They are using their weekends to catch up, not relax. We need more calm moments in our life. I know, easier said than done – right? Not really. There are 5 simple steps that you can do right now to induce more calm moments in your life. Want to know more? Follow these steps and then book your free consulting session with me by clicking here:

#1. Know that it is OK to be overwhelmed! You are not a super hero. You’re human. You will have human moments. You’re not weak because of this. Don’t try to hide it, embrace it and then seek help if you need it.

#2. Put your hands under warm running water for a while two minutes. If you have to set your iPhone, do so. Running warm water over your hands and wrists actually helps to reduce anxiety. Don’t believe me? Try it!

#3. Drink a bottle of water slowly. When you have to focus on something, it is hard to become overwhelmed with all that you have on your plate. Plus, water has many health benefits and helps your body gain more oxygen.

#4. Practice smiling in a mirror for a minute. This is used at UCLA Hospital in California. Many studies show that moving the face, especially smiling, actually reduces anxiety!

#5. Wrap yourself in a heated blanket. These blankets are available at your local home goods and housewares stores. Heat helps to calm the nerves and makes people feel more secure. On hard nights, or after a bad day at work, sitting in a hot blanket is enough to start to calm the gitters!

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