The 6 Faces of You


Many people don’t understand what Gestalt therapy can do for their lives. They think that they need to come into my office, lay down on a couch, and discuss mother issues or mistreatments of the past. While we will work on a way to figure out how the past is affecting your response to present day life, as well as discover your identity in each moment, I use Gestalt therapy more to improve your life going forward. Oh, and we can do this via Skype or phone- no office or couch needed!

Helping you cope with the here and now will reduce your stress and anxiety levels, which brings me to the 6 faces of you. The first face we work on is the you that you presently know. This means addressing  thoughts, feelings, behavior, body sensations, and dreams that cause any current stress or anxiety. Then we work on interrelated relationships, such as how you make contact with your environment (family, work, school, friends, authority figures). The third face (or phase) of you deals with how you organize and/or manipulate your environment from moment to moment.

The next three phases go deeper into the psyche of how you respond to current situations. For example your 4th face deals with self-regulation, which is the creative adjustment that you make in relation to the environment. Then we will work on, in many of my programs, how to really use what we learn from your first four faces of you (or phases) to truly be present within the here and now in what is being done, thought, and felt at the moment. This is where you learn to react effectively to the present day environment and not from a place of worry for the future or from anger /sadness of the past.

The last face of you (6) is understanding how suppressed feelings of your past have been manipulating your present day life and bogging you down with stress, anxiety and other poor behaviors. Together, we will deal with these feelings, which may be resentment, rage, hatred, pain, anxiety, grief, guilt, and abandonment. Understanding and dealing with these uncomfortable feelings in present life  will help you move forward without dealing with preoccupations, compulsive behaviors, wariness, and other self- defeating behaviors.

The “6 Faces of You” as I call them are just phase examples of some of the milestones we will examine throughout your therapy.  Want to know more? Let’s talk


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