I was told as a child that I looked like my father. But as I matured, a weird thing happened – I grew more and more to resemble my mother. I remember catching my image in a mirror recently and seeing my mother. Knowing I resembled her helped me begin to see things better from her perspective.

I tend to switch numbers and letters – a condition that used to be termed dyslexia. I especially do this when tired. One day as this kept happening, I began to distinguish letters and numbers by making one of a pair much larger than the other. That helped me literally switch, or shift, perspectives in a much clearer way.

Sometimes, all it takes to shift perspectives is to do something physical that provides you with a whole new way of looking at things.

The life-altering power of perspective

Quote of the Week

One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”
– Henry Miller


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