A Surprise Wish

Welcome to 2023! In some shamanic traditions, 2023 spells victory, victory over our own life process.

I spoke of intentions in my video Setting intentions for 2023. Intentions are spiritual desires, versus resolutions, which are to-do’s we feel we ‘should’ do, even if we don’t want to.

Resolutions tend to fail because our spirit isn’t in doing them – it’s usually something we push ourselves toward and aren’t, instead pulled toward. Intentions pull us, from our hearts and spirits.

I invite you to set one to three intentions for yourself this year that speak to your soul. They can be lofty, but don’t need to be. What they do need to be is personal. No ‘shoulds’ allowed. Here are a few examples:

I want to mend broken relationships this year.

I want to regain and maintain my health this year.

I want to begin my own business of coaching others in ways that I know can heal them this year.

I want to go to Europe and spend time in a beautiful villa, eating delicious food, and hiking to amazing places. This year.

All of the above – and more – are require definite to-do’s, but aren’t themselves to-do’s. They are meant to inspire and move you, because they belong only to you.

The quote below – wishing you a surprise in the next year – is about surprising yourself. If you aim for what moves your heart and spirit, I guarantee that you will, indeed, surprise yourself.

Here’s to you for 2023, victorious.

Quote of the Week

I hope somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.
― Neil Gaiman


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