It’s almost Christmas but Thanksgiving has come and gone. Do you feel deflated? Do you feel like a ghost in work and in life, simply passing time and going through the motions just long enough to get through to 2016? Don’t be deflated.

I know, easier said than done. But there is something to changing how we think about what is probably the most stressful, depressing, and challenging two months of our lives! We’re past November, and most of us are fearful of December. Don’t be! I’m going to be promoting a webinar here shortly and I’m hoping you all show up. I’ll be talking about sadness, depression and how we can change our thinking in that webinar.

In the meantime, how do you stop feeling deflated right now? Well, be of service. Yes, of service. Not only is this a healthy distraction around the holidays, it is a helpful one to those on the receiving end. Being of service goes past donating money, it requires your time and your focus. You won’t give up energy, you will become energized!

If you have a senior neighbor who is alone, help him or her clean their home on a Saturday or a Sunday. Know someone who is sick? Make homemade chicken soup. Do something small that will mean something big to another person. Will this remove problems from your life? No. Will it make the fighting family quit arguing around a holiday dinner? No. Will it make you refocus your thoughts onto doing something positive that will benefit another person? Yes! It’s a win-win.

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