A part of Gestalt Therapy is being able to ask yourself the right questions. This is harder than it presents because we often don’t know what the right questions are in the midst of crisis or change. Using the questions and statements meant to focus the awareness in the present on one aspect or another is a key to my services and helping people identify and then overcome certain challenges.


“What do you feel?” or “What’s on your mind right now?” are some of these questions. They may seem like typical therapy questions, but there is more to reporting simply what you’re feeling. In fact, it is important for you, the patient, to work through the simple answers to get in touch with your true, hidden and often complex feelings / replies.

Let’s say you just were fired. You might say, “I feel upset and scared.” Well, that is ok but it’s scratching the service. Someone who is Gestalt therapy may answer with “I’m scared because I failed to save enough money to get  me through a time like this. I don’t know who to ask for help or what resources are available to me. I’m mad at myself, my employer and my spouse for not understanding where my head is at right now.”

Being detailed about what you feel is really a key component to being present in your daily life, regardless if the situation is pleasant or not.  I can also  help you identify areas of avoidance in your life by how you answer these questions. For example, the recurrent avoidance of using the pronoun “I” and its substitution with “you” or “it” can indicate that you may avoid a particular area of your life or a situation. There are ways I can help encourage you to take ownership of these situations.

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