We all live and work during the holiday season, but many of us have the challenge of dealing with a lot of stress on our plates. The holiday season doesn’t make the triggers that amplify our daily stress any easier, either. Right now, I am running a “Burning the Candle at Both Ends” program, that is self-guided, at a reduced rate of $44. It is a great chance to learn how to be still and avoid triggers during the holiday season – well, in any season of life for the matter.

This said, here at The Joy of Living I have come up with a few things everyone should know about the holiday season and triggers for stress.  First, disrupted schedules will cause more than a simple annoyance, it is a big cause of stress and a huge trigger. Not being able to maintain your “normal” daily routine because of added obligations keeps us up later , gets up up earlier, and stretches us thin. Be mindful that you’re not the only person feeling the results of having too  much on your plate.

Also, excessive spending is a huge trigger of stress. It’s the season when it seems everyone is running up their credit cards or going nuts spending cash. If you have a history of excessive spending and grandiose gift-giving during hypo-manic episodes, you are clearly at risk for a stressful holiday season. Even if you don’t have this history, knowing you’re going over budget or not putting extra cash into a savings account can be stressful.

And thinking you have to feel joyful all the time this season, well this is a trigger for stress too.e. We all know how we’re supposed to feel at the holidays: alive with joy and filled with love. But a lot of us don’t really feel that way, in fact most of us are stressed out about seeing family and sitting down to a tense dinner. Being depressed during the holidays can add to feelings of isolation because we tend to believe everyone is joyful during this time when this is not the truth.

If you want some extra help without driving to my office this holiday season, it is available and at a discount. Simply click the photo below and learn how to destress this holiday season!


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