Be prepared!

I’m the kind of person who needs to prepare for things. I do know there are some out there who seem to do fine winging it. I’m not that person. If I don’t prepare as thoroughly as possible, I AM NOT READY.

My husband can tell you what it’s like to witness what I do to prepare for anything, from a 20 second introductory video, to a 10 minute speech, to a 2 hour presentation, all the way to packing for a trip – even a day trip. I begin with lists, then refine it into schedules, then drafts, then practice sessions, all the way down to dress rehearsals. For a 20 second video, it might consume 2 days. For a 2 hour presentation, I begin preparations many months in advance.

The difference, for me, between taking that time to thoroughly prepare and not taking that time is huge. It’s mostly huge for emotional reasons, not often for any other reasons. I need to feel ready, feel that I’ve covered all reasonable bases. Because if I don’t feel that, I am too nervous to focus on what I’m doing, and that means it probably won’t go well.

It’s really a matter of deciding the cost: the cost of not feeling prepared vs the cost of taking a chance and saving time (sometimes a lot of time). For me, the cost of not feeling prepared is always a lot bigger.

How about you?

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Quote of the Week

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

― Benjamin Franklin