Belly Laugh as the Antidote

Last week I began by complaining about my arthritis and ended with the question: how to age gracefully.young inside

Picture this: you are at a family gathering with a largish number of older relatives; or you are in a restaurant close to a table of older citizens; or you are one of those older relatives or citizens. You can’t help but hear the topic of conversation. What do you guess it might be? Very likely it will be about ailments and treatment. I am not trying to minimize the problems we have in terms of health as we get older; I am simply fascinated at the amount of time we dwell on something we have little control over. I personally think that we talk about it so much in order to feel we have more control over this condition than we really do.

What’s the condition? Old age, or growing old – we all know in our hearts that growing old is not something we have any control over. We will all grow old if we are lucky to live long enough.

I get Zoomer magazine every month or so, and I love the cartoons in that magazine so much I generally read all of them before I read anything else. It may point the way to a better way of growing old – find something to belly laugh about every day.

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