The biggest adventure you’ll ever take


A friend is in mourning: she had a dream of opening up a care centre with her savings. That dream was dashed when the Covid-19 pandemic hit: her business took a steep dive, and instead of adding to her dream fund, she had to use that fund to stay afloat.  It took her a few months to even admit this huge personal loss to herself, it was so important to her.

As a coach (and therapist), I tend to caution clients (and friends, when they ask) against being unrealistic in their dreaming, with one caveat: to know the kind of life that would, at the end of it all, bring them a sense of satisfaction and peace.

Many of our dreams are being dashed with this pandemic, except for one – living the biggest adventure you’ll ever take – your life. The thing about adventures is that you never know what’s around the corner. If you have any pre-conceived ideas of what that might look like, you will probably be in for an unpleasant surprise (I won’t bore you with the many clichés covering this, like “man plans … god laughs“, etc).

Adventures are about dealing with the unexpected and unknown, about finding and honing the resources we already have and testing ourselves against what’s in front of us. That adventure is constantly there, and constantly changing.

That dream my friend had? It won’t go to waste. I know her – she’ll mourn the loss of that beautiful dream, then dream even bigger.



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