Busy as a beaver. Busier than a bee on a flower farm.

So continuously busy that it’s difficult to impossible to discern from the outside looking in what’s productive busyness and what’s just busyness.

I have a friend – a very good friend – who, when flustered, will ‘sort’ papers by moving them to different piles, then again to the original piles. Two or three times.

As a young woman with ambition, I had a very long to do list. I was never without something to do. Now, looking back, one thing that kept that list long was busy work – work that made me feel I was accomplishing something but was really inefficient.

As a much older woman with a lot less spare energy, I can’t afford to do that kind of busy work any longer. Instead, I spend that time figuring out how best to minimize anything I aim to do.

Way more pleasant.

An ER doctor on triaging your ‘crazy busy’ life

Quote of the Week 

“The greatest enemy of good thinking is busyness.”
– John C. Maxwell


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