Power Up And Head Into a Life That’s Joyful, Free of Anxiety, Panic, Depression And Constant Stress!

If you’re not feeling great about your life right now, if you’re struggling to get out of bed every morning, if you feel you’re burning out and burning the candle at both ends, read on …

Burn-out can happen when we’ve been stressed for too long.

Most of us are taught that stress is just a “fact of life”… and, except when things get close to the “breaking point,” we don’t even notice how intense our stress really is…

You’ve heard that there’s “good” and “bad” stress.  But it isn’t “good” if you’re in it all the time.

Stress is good for youbut only in short bursts. Stress works great as long as it doesn’t turn into a daily habit. Human beings aren’t built for long-term stress. Long-term stress – chronic stress – is what I’m talking about.

Over time, we learn to ignore daily stress. We stuff it down and tell ourselves that it’s not bad enough to worry about.

Eventually, this stress builds to a boiling point where we can no longer ignore it.

The real problem with stress --

The real problem is that we don’t know how to stop; we don’t know how to find the balance we long for.

And are motivated by fear and worry rather than joy ...

  • fear of letting someone down, including ourselves
  • fear of failing
  • worry that you’re missing something important;
  • worry that you’ll be late
  • fear of losing something or someone we value

What if you could feel ...

  • Optimistic about your future, knowing you can handle whatever comes your way;
  • Empowered, with the tools you need to tackle any stressful situation;
  • Energized, because your energy stores are 100% available to you;
  • Relieved, no longer wallowing in worry;
  • Relaxed, because you finally have the sense of calmness that comes from being the master of your own life!

If you feel that way every day, imagine what that would do for you?

Imagine… waking up every morning feeling refreshed and excited to get your day started!

Imagine… having the energy and clarity to take care of tasks easily… and still take part in the activities you truly enjoy!

Imagine… leading a fulfilled life that you can enjoy… and that lets the best version of “you” shine!


That’s exactly the kind of empowerment you deserve!


A Compassionate, Empowering Online Self-Study Course that Lets You Take Control of Your Stress

Through this transformative, self-paced online course, you will discover...

  • The physics behind stress, giving yourself the power to recognize the symptoms before they become a burden;
  • The one simple tool you always have with you to bring yourself back into balance – and how to use that tool effectively in any situation;
  • The essentials you need to shift your life from stressed to relaxed and balanced;
  • Self-care – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – because without all of these, there is no balance;
  • A better understanding and appreciation of who you are, fundamentally and naturally; and
  • Regaining access to what is meaningful in your life with renewed energy and resilience.

Each week, you’ll receive a new online package.  You’ll learn about what chronic stress is and does, and tools you need to reduce stress in your life.  Each week, you’ll get homework that helps you incorporate what you’ve learned, building a new understanding of how you work and how you can deal effectively with prolonged stress.

You get tools and bonuses too! Everything you get are yours to use as much as you want, for as long as you want. There is no “good until” date.

If you do the work and follow the lessons each week, you will…

  • Begin to understand your own stress triggers
  • Understand what stress does specifically to your body, mind and spirit;
  • Have a stress-reduction toolkit that is available to you anywhere you are, at any time;
  • Replace unhealthy habits of reacting to stress with healthier habits of responding to stress;
  • Experience a renewed hope for a healthy, happy and relaxed life that you love.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends is available until August 31st for $297.

(Regular price is $397)
(Registration closes October 7th.)



This offer is risk-free! You may be wondering if it’s worth it – if you might end up not getting what you want and were expecting.  I know that’s something I worry about. So, if you aren’t satisfied with what you get from Burning the Candle at Both Ends, then you will get your money back.

What people are saying…

Maryanne's Burning the Candle at Both Ends online program was more than I could have expected. Going through the online modules each week, I learned things about stress and how it was affecting my life in ways I did not even realize. I was burnt-out, overwhelmed and did not fully understand how I got there. And I had no idea how to get out of it. But this program helped me to gradually understand this and it showed me that I do not have to stay burnt-out and overwhelmed. That there are ways in which I can support myself to stay empowered in my life and ultimately joyful. What I truly enjoyed was that I could complete the modules on my own terms, at my own speed. I determined how much time I would spend on them each week and when I would complete them, which allowed me to not feel overwhelmed in this process. I would recommend this program to anyone who feels stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and is unsure about how to fix it. This program is a great starting point.

- Jacqueline  W., Toronto

Maryanne Nicholls’ Burning the Candleat Both Ends is exceptional. Rarely have I encountered a health and wellness program that is so comprehensive and practical. Maryanne manages to take a subject as broad and complex as how humans cope with stress and condenses it into an offering that is sound, simple and accessible. Anyone suffering from stress can benefit greatly from this easy-to-use program. Maryanne takes you by the hand and walks you down a path that educates you on the impact of stress in your life and offers tools to help you take ownership of your own health and well being leaving you feeling lighter, healthier and happier.

- Richard Ausar Stewart, Director Free Your Voice

Like so many of us, I lead an over busy life — a combination of work, family and personal commitments had combined to leave me feeling overwhelmed and confused. On the one hand I felt fortunate to have such a full life and on the other I just wanted to run away from the whole thing. This workshop has helped me make some sense of this conundrum and put me on the path to taking back control of my life.

- Clare Brown, Accountant

If You Have Questions... I Have Answers

Q. How is the course delivered?

You will get an email every week for 8 weeks. The email will include a video session of that week’s topic, your call to action (homework) for the week, and a paper copy of the session.


Q. How many hours should I set aside to do the course?

On average, each video is 20 to 30 minutes long. The homework can take 10 minutes or longer, depending on how deeply you get into it.


Q. What if I can’t follow along with the weekly schedule? 

You may find that you simply aren’t able to set aside the time each week to watch the video, or do the homework. Life happens and we can’t always do what we planned.

Or, you might be the kind of person who does things differently – like watching everything at once, and then deciding which parts you want to focus on.

This program is designed to support you and your needs, whatever they may be. Go at your own pace. Create a schedule that works for you. There is no “right way” to do this, except that it works for you.


Q. What if I have questions?

You may find you have questions that need answers and that aren’t included in the program. That’s why there’s a Facebook group! Once you register, you’ll receive an invitation to join. I regularly check in and will always be available to answer any question or concern you might have.


Q. How can this course be guaranteed? Can I get my money back any time?

This course comes with no risk: If you do the work and still aren’t satisfied within the first 2 weeks, you will get a full refund. Guaranteed.

I will need to see that you’ve put a good effort into the course before we can know that it doesn’t work for you, so I’ll need to see your completed homework. And, from past feedback, I’m reasonably confident that you will know whether it’s working or not by the time you’ve completed module 2.

I know I said you can go at your own pace – and that’s absolutely true. However, I can’t reasonably keep the refund offer open indefinitely, so it will close before you receive module 3. If you decide to begin module 2 later, then just know that you may not request a refund.


Q. Is the course for me if (busy, already meditate, etc)?

The one thing that is true for anyone who is stressed is we are busy and have no time. And yet, part of why we don’t have time is because we are stressed!

You will learn many diverse ways of dealing with stress, some of which you may already have in your life.  Even so, the practices introduced in these modules are specifically designed to support you in developing a less stressed and healthier lifestyle, so they may be an addition to what you already have.

An hour a day may seem like a lot. Even 10 minutes might seem like a lot. They say that it takes 8 weeks to develop a new habit. Think of the time you invest over the 8 weeks as a short-term commitment for a better and happier life long-term.

This is a self-study, which means that you can modify it to fit your lifestyle.

The time you spend each week on the activities is entirely up to you. As with all good things, the more time you commit to it, the more you will get out of it.

My advice, and one I use myself for anything new, is this: bring to this course an attitude of “beginners mind”; instead of thinking “I already know this” and skip it, open up to the possibility of seeing how you can incorporate the information into you life in new ways.  I find that keeping myself open in this way always brings new insights and new learnings that I otherwise would have missed.

Missed opportunities are a regret I never want to experience again!



Remember how you felt when everything was going well? When you made something happen that mattered to you, and you took a moment to enjoy that feeling of success? You can get that feeling back and make it a part of every day.

I look forward to helping you enjoy a fulfilled, stress-free life!



Maryanne Nicholls
Stress Coach
Registered Psychotherapist




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