Ceremony that matters

I began to appreciate the power of ceremony when I turned 60. That year, so much had happened that altered who I was that I wanted to cement that learning (both painful and pleasant) with something memorable – a kind of coming of age. That ended up being a trek to Machu Pichu with others of like mind.

That trek turned out to be a celebration of my life’s journey to that point. It changed my life and my direction. I quit my successful career and became a full-time psychotherapist; sold my house and funded my new budding career with the proceeds.

At 60! At 60, I’d assumed I would be close to retiring. As it turns out, well into my 70’s, I feel like I’ve just begun.

The power of ceremony. Robin wall Kimmerer in her book Braiding Sweetgrass speaks of ceremony as an event that “focuses attention so that attention becomes intention.”

That is exactly what my ceremony did for me.

Ceremony doesn’t need to look a particular way, or follow any given rules. Ceremony can help you clarify what is truly important to you and your life’s purpose. It could be a day’s walk in Nature, or a trip to the ancestors of a land. It could take a few weeks, or a few hours. Whatever you chose to attend to within your ceremony, if given focus, will, indeed turn into your intention – your guiding light – into your future.

Quote of the Week

Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood.
― Pablo Neruda


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