Breaking Patterns: The Liberation in Opting for a Different Choice

I hear so often about the increase in anxiety that everyone is feeling, and especially young people. This generalized anxiety can result in not feeling safe. That can end up increasing our sensitivity to perceived slights, which in turn, generates conflict, division, and hard feelings.

How can we counter this trend towards isolation? Through awareness – in particular, self-awareness. When I feel slighted or interpret someone as bullying, how am I triggered, and how do I begin to react?

For me, I typically feel this in my throat and stomach, and I react by either hitting back or shutting down. I’ve learned to recognize these feelings, so that when I begin to feel them, I can give myself some time before reacting. That time gives me space to choose something different – something always better than the reaction I might have otherwise engaged in.


Quote of the Week

We all make choices – but in the end – our choices make us.”

– Ken Levine


Choices that can change your life


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