“The greatest miracle for me was getting started.”

-V.S. Naipaul


If you’re stressed-out more and more, beginning to feel the problems you’re facing have no good solution … if you’re ready to get some help from someone who’s been where you are, then read on …

Have you experienced any of these lately?

  • Constant worry that seems to spiral out of control, or
  • Your mind wont stop racing, no matter what time of day it is – and no matter what you try to do to turn it off
  • Fear of losing something or someone you value
  • Fatigue that is becoming your constant companion
  • Loss of interest or caring for things that once made your heart sing
  • Feeling stuck, unable to get unstuck.

Those are some of the ways chronic stress, anxiety and depression can impact you. It can interfere with every aspect of your life, and make it harder and harder to live life on your terms.

If you’re ready to get started at discovering the root cause of your worry, fatigue, anxiety or depression, and transform your life back into living fully, I would love to help!



  • A highly supportive environment where you can be honest, authentic – and heard
  • Tools and insights to help you gain the balanced life you want – personal and professional
  • A more relaxed and effective approach to new problems and issues
  • Personalized assignments that help you form new ways of addressing your issues
  • Between session support
  • Leave with a road map that you’ve already tested and tweaked.



I offer three ways for us to work together



If you have questions, I have answers …


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What people say about Maryanne …

“Maryanne is a beacon of light in a dark storm. She helped me transition through a divorce/separation; a time when my stress and tension was at it’s highest. And when the storm passed, Maryanne fundamentally helped me to own my own feeling and reclaim my life.”

~ Tara Mani, Toronto



“My time with Maryanne has allowed me to let down my guard with people.  Especially with my parents and my intimate relationships.  I have been busy most of my life putting walls up as a barrier from those around me and my emotions.  After failed relationship due to my guard and distance I knew I needed assistance.  Maryanne guided me to a place I can now live powerfully and passionately for myself and those close to me.  Thank you, Maryanne.”

  ~ Louie Katsis, Toronto