I was reading a blog by someone who pens often about their secret battle with depression. Outside of talk therapy, the blog is a great way to get it all “out there” without truly revealing one’s identity.  I read this blog to understand the human / patient perspective of the battle. You know, the stuff composed outside of what is often discussed with me, the therapist, during a session. When I was reading a recent post, I realized that there is a common point that most of my patients, and those who suffer with depression, don’t walk about …. the lack of creativity.

In the blog I was reading, she penned a simple – “I can’t write anymore. I simply don’t feel like it. I’m empty and there is no creativity left.” The very paralyzing symptoms of depression literally spelled out. When people come to me for help, or self-realize a problem even exists, it is usually the lack of energy, the crying, the anger, or the dullness that is the precursor to realizing help is even needed. But what about the feeling of lack of purpose? Lack of creativity? This often exists with cases of depression, but most people fail to discuss it in session. They don’t think of a lack of creativity as a symptom of depression. Well, it can be. Creative or not, if you no longer enjoy something that you previously woke up in the morning for, ask yourself why this is.

Are negative thoughts putting it (writing, walking, painting, gardening) in a bad light? Are you feeling like you are loosing a part of you by not doing it and becoming angrier because of this? Do you feel so sick all of the time that the attempt to be creative or do whatever it is that normally makes you happy or acts as a healthy outlet is simply an overwhelming effort?

Depression comes in many forms, but the “lack of creativity” – as put on a patient’s blog- is a common symptom. It is not just you. You are not alone. You can overcome the battle with the right type of help. There is hope. There is help. You can get your creativity back.

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