There are many people who have a hard time going through life and don’t realize that it is all rooted in trauma. Yes, trauma. Sometimes we think we are fine when we are really light years away from addressing what truly is troubling us. Trauma is a serious issue and results in complications on all levels of life.

There is no quick fix for trauma. I’m providing three ways to start addressing trauma below, but I highly encourage you to seek out in-person or online professional help and work with someone you trust and who can help you address you and the trauma you have lived through.

In the duration, here are three ways to start working through issues related to trauma:

1. Talk about it with someone you trust. Don’t talk about it with people you can’t trust or people who don’t care. Yes, there are people like that out there. You want to engage with someone who will be supportive and who will listen- not make it about their opinion.

2. Know that you still have control over your life. You may not have been able to control the trauma, but you’re still here and you are in control. Seek out a professional who can offer personalized tips on how to overcome and then remain in control of a more positive destiny.

3. It’s OK to feel upset. Why do we always feel as if we have to pretend everything is OK. If it is not OK, say so. Own your feelings. Understand your environment. If you’re mad, be mad. Know that feelings exist for a reason and you can address them and work with a therapist to help you move on from them in a health manner.

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