Starbucks is already selling its famous Pumpkin Space Latte. Halloween candy is on the grocery store shelves. Another two weeks and we are all drinking eggnog, right? Well, yes – the marketing folks in the food industry are selling their holiday goodies early and when the holiday season starts to arrive- so does the increased risk for depression!

The light changes during the holiday season and so does the temperature. Work might be busier for some people and many people are outside less. Oh, and then there is financial pressure to either host or travel to a Thanksgiving dinner and/or holiday event. Season change is exciting for many but, for others, it brings with a veil of worry, anxiety, sadness, and discomfort in the form of depressed or anxious moods, or, from some of you, seasonal depression.

There are ways to combat seasonal depression, such as;

Staying connected. We are indoors more during this season and start to feel isolated and alone. Skype friends, setup dinners and have people over, do whatever it takes to combat the depression and bad weather so you can still get together with your friends.

Be kind to yourself. Yes, to yourself. Don’t worry about what you need to get done that you start feeling sick and like you want to just lay in bed all day. Setup a special time each week to see a movie by yourself or treat yourself to a manicure or a nice meal. Celebrate yourself during the fall, too- don’t just work on a gift-giving list.

Use colored pens. OK, I know this sounds odd- but it works. If you change the color of your pen for three months (Oct. – Dec.), it will change your perspective. If you write in blue, try a deep purple or a dark orange. A small change in color can lift your mood. If you’re writing to write, and not signing legal docs, the color change is a welcomed breath of fresh air!

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