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If you believe you deserve better, you will create better in yourself.”

This quote, attributed to Dr. Phil McGraw, might strike you as obvious. Or it might seem simplistic. Or pie-in-the-sky – a new age-ism that some people say to themselves in the mirror when they’re feeling especially bad.

In a way, all of those are true. And yet, even though you think you know and support yourself very well – no doubt you do a lot of the time – one day you discover – as I did – that not believing in yourself still keeps leading to self-sabotage, and even failure.

I think it’s a phrase that’s much easier to understand than to fully incorporate into your life.

The biggest way this gets into my face is when I’m about to advertise.  I admit that the thought of advertising makes me cringe inside. Part of this is my upbringing. Another part is my culture. But there is still a small part of me that feels – no matter what the evidence says to the contrary – that I don’t deserve better. That I don’t deserve to advertise my worth. That it’s somehow vulgar and all by itself makes me unworthy.

I compare myself to the worst kind of sales person I can think of instead of the best kind. Then – of course! – I feel crappy about it.

But I deserve better than this! So do you!

Know your worth – and then ask for it


Quote of the Week

“I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit to me. I deserve better than that; I AM BETTER THAN THAT …”
― Steve Maraboli


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