Dive Deep

“He who would search for pearls must dive below”

-John Dryden


If being totally out-of-your-mind stressed is something you’ve experienced, read on.

The world today is unprecedented in both opportunity and mind-numbing stress.  Diseases related to too much stress are effecting even our children.  And no wonder – many of us are looking at big debt – large student loans, house mortgages, healthcare, our children’s education, and more if you also include fun.  This isn’t the way it was for your parents, or your grandparents.  But it is the reality of today.

Daunting? What you may be feeling right now reading this is the beginnings of a familiar reaction – panic or even defeat!

Yet I did say both stress and opportunity.  There really hasn’t been this level of opportunity, ever before.  You have access to resources around the world, 24 hours a day, every day.  You have options that can actually feel too much because of their variety.

The question now is: “How can I deal with this?”

I believe that you, in a special way, already have what you need to do this.  To get back on track to the life you’ve been dreaming into existence.

The way to this dream life is in turning that feeling of panic and defeat into a genuine calm – a balance that allows you to see clearly what you need to do in any given situation, and how to do it. An inner place you can always go to where you know you’re in charge.

Where, instead of wondering if they will like you, you’re biggest wondering is whether you will like them. Whether they are the kind of people you want and need in your life right now, rather than wondering if you’re the right fit for them.  Where you are truly in charge, and confidently making the decisions that matter to you.

This kind of life is completely possible for you. If you feel you need help getting there – I certainly did! – then read on.

Removing ongoing stress in your life is the first thing, because as long as you continue to live stressed, you won’t be able to go anywhere else, except into more stress.  This has to do with the way we’re physically wired: we’re either in a stress mode or in a relax mode. Never both.  And the way toward living fully and joyfully is when you are living relaxed most of the time, instead of stressed most of the time.

My online program Burning the Candle at Both Ends is designed to help you learn what stress is, what it does in every aspect of your life, and what you can do to change that.  It’s the first step to living better, regaining the energy and motive you need to live your dream life.

It’s the first step. But if you’re like me, you’ll need more than that to keep you going. If you’re like me, there are specific issues that keep getting in your way, and keep sending you back to living stressed, depressed, feeling powerless and hopeless.

Dive Deep, my intensive one-on-one coaching program is custom designed to address your particular issues – beginning with the most critical ones – those that seriously get in the way of achieving your dream life.

Here’s what you can expect …

  • 12 2-hour sessions over 3 to 4 months, scheduled in a way that supports your needs;
  • We begin with a thorough intake – a data dump – where you get a chance to tell your story, and I get a clear picture of you – your issues, life, and dreams. Then I use Gestalt, Postural Integration, and Shamanic tools to analyze your story, and devise a plan that is customized to your unique set of circumstances;
  • My online program Burning the Candle at Both Ends and incorporates what you will learn in that program with regular one-on-one visits with me;
  • The goal is to understand yourself – who you are, why you do what you do, what you can better do to support and empower yourself. To uncover the root cause. Then find solutions that work long-term – not simply bandaid solutions;
  • We’ll look at your natural authentic self, showing you how you can better appreciate and nurture those parts of you that are an integral part of who you are, how you can better appreciate yourself;
  • And armed with this, we’ll look at the issues in your life, beginning with the most problematic, that are stopping you from living free and in balance with your life;
  • Develop tools that are proven to be effective in dealing with stress, and that are customized to meet your particular needs;
  • When we are half-way through, review your progress and adjust to make sure you are getting what you want and need;
  • Unlimited access to me by phone or email in-between sessions;
  • An action plan to take with you when we’re done.

If you do the work and follow the sessions each time we meet, you will…

  • Know your own triggers;
  • Understand what stress does specifically to your body, mind and spirit;
  • Have a life “toolkit” that is available to you anywhere you are;
  • Replace unhealthy habits of reacting to life with healthier habits of responding to life – with energy to spare;
  • Discover a renewed self-acceptance and self-appreciation;
  • Leave, knowing you have everything you need within you to live the life you want;
  • Experience a renewed hope for a healthy, happy and relaxed life that you love.

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Additional single sessions are $150

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What people say about Maryanne …

“When I first reached out to Maryanne, I felt desperate- like I was drowning in my life. I felt like I no longer knew who I was, didn’t know what I wanted anymore in my life, was burned-out from work and overwhelmed because I had no idea how to help myself. All I did know was that this cannot be my life anymore and I needed help. I had tried different things before, such as self-help books and two different therapists, but all I ever received from these were band-aid solutions. I didn’t want another temporary solution to help me get through my day. I wanted to really fix this and make a change in my life. Maryanne has helped me more than I ever thought was possible and her program “Burning the Candle at Both Ends” has fundamentally changed my life for the BEST. I learned things about myself that I had never thought of or realized played such a big role in my life; and what was driving my constant anxiety and fear. 

Maryanne genuinely cares about you and wants you to live your best life. I felt understood, truly heard and safe talking to Maryanne about anything. Because of this program and Maryanne, I have a better, deeper understanding of myself and a stronger appreciation for myself than ever before. I feel more comfortable with who I am and stronger. This renewed sense of self, along with a plethora of different learnings and mechanisms we discovered together, have helped me to be more empowered and feel more confident and excited about going after the life I truly want. It is by no means easy. I work at this everyday.  But every day I also feel more joy and happiness than I ever have before. And I actually feel excited and hopeful versus scared and drained like I used to.”

~ Jacqueline W., Toronto