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As we head back to work tomorrow, on Monday, we have to ask ourselves “is this job stressing me out?” Well, it could be. Or something else is stressing you out and you are projecting it as a work thing. Regardless of the why, here is the “how” when it comes to not stressing out on Monday morning when it comes time to go to work.

First, ask yourself how many times in the last two weeks you’ve been late. Are you late because you are avoiding going to work or are you late because there is something else preventing you from getting out the door. Consider your environment and your actions. If you can’t get to work on time because of stress at home, it has to be handled. If you can’t get to work on time because you are avoiding going in, it has to be addressed. Being late is only going to add to your stress.

Second, ask yourself if you’ve been magnifying a problem. Have you been leaping to conclusions or applying emotional reasoning? Take the time to stop, breathe, reflect, and choose how to move forward. Magnifying a problem will make it seem worse than it may actually be and this will cause more stress and amplify anxiety. Take a breath and consider your state of mind vs. actual perspective of a problem.

Finally, address issues with co-workers directly but without pointing fingers. Don’t approach using “you”, but approach using “I”. “I don’t feel comfortable when you talk about my lack of a college degree.” , “I feel very rushed when you tell me my deadline is Tuesday and then expect me to have it completed Monday morning.” Be direct without being confrontational. By addressing issues head-on, you do eliminate a lot of unneeded stress.

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