I get a lot of pleasure out of planning. When I’m planning, I can even visualize what I imagine will happen at a given point. In this way, I can see how everything fits and what the end product will look like.

But, thinking something and doing it isn’t the same thing. What I visualize doesn’t often turn out the way I visualized.

That’s what I usually do when I’m thinking of something I want to happen.  There are also things I anticipate out of fear. Most of the time, I focus on the worst case, to the point that it’s as if it’s a done deal.  This also defines how I function.

Again, what might happen isn’t the same as what actually happens.  Just like my plans, the reality is most times quite different from what I’d imagined.

The way that anticipation and visualization impacts what actually happens is in how we approach the future.  It shapes what we do.

If I think that deep down, I’m worthless or powerless, and that whatever I’m trying to accomplish will end in disaster, then what I do will reflect that: I might not put a lot of effort into what I’m doing. Why put effort into something that’s probably going to fail?

On the other hand, if I believe that I matter, and what I do matters, then I’m a lot more likely to succeed in what I set out to do.

Every thought leads to an action. Let that action take you to the kind of place you want to live in.

Ekhart Tolle – Where do our thoughts come from?

Quote of the Week

“Every word you speak and every thought you think is an affirmation for your future.“ 
– Cheryl Richardson


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