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Feeling free

“I want to feel free! I want to be doing things in my life, every day, that makes me look forward to the day!”

I had someone talk to me about being unsatisfied with their life – disappointed, unmotivated, not where she thought she’d be at this moment. When I asked her what she wanted right now that might re-motivate her. She responded with one word: Freedom.

I get it! I wouldn’t feel free if I felt I was in a place that was more an obligation than an inspiration either. Many years ago, I was in that place, asking myself “Is this all there is?”

I found the answer, and thankfully I discovered that there’s more – lots more. And yes! It leads to feeling free.

Freedom is wonderful, but it isn’t free of obligation or consequences. It’s a choice of direction, and one I heartily encourage. But as with every choice, there are inevitable consequences.

I remember hearing about a Native Warrior Chief who said something like: As a warrior, you can do whatever you want to do, as long as you are willing to face the consequences of what that is.

Every choice has those consequences. Here’s what I suggest if you want to take that jump to freedom: Make sure you know what the consequences are, then plan for them. Then jump!

Quote of the Week

There is nothing as beautiful as a free flying bird.
― Reshma Cheknath Umesh


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