There’s a false alluring idea that is called the geographical cure. That cure is taken by each of us whenever we let ourselves believe that all our problems will disappear and resolve when we move to a different city or country, change our current job or partner, loose 30 pounds or win the lottery.

It’s alluring because it offers absolution from all our problems. It’s false because wherever we go, whatever we do, we take ourselves with us.

I am in no way exempt from this idea. When I’m in a financial jam, I find myself dreaming of winning the lottery, or moving to a wonderful new place that has half the cost of living, or better yet, a tenth! Or trading in what I have in for a tiny home.

I might make myself feel better by throwing away $5 on a lottery ticket, checking out places in Costa Rica, or watching yet another youtube video on another really cute tiny home.

It eases the tension and worry, enough to get me out of my funk and into looking at what inside me is getting in the way.

The geographical cure is a way of avoiding looking at those parts of ourselves we don’t like. While it’s definitely entertaining – and beneficial in that way – it can prolong the pain of the situation we’ve contributed to far longer than it needs to be.

The next time you find yourself longing for greener pastures, take a breather, and check to see if there’s something you can do where you are and how you are, right now.


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