What happens when I’m annoyed?


I got annoyed at a friend last week. Not all at once; it took a while to build and grow. Until she did something I’ve decided to hate: she “deliberately” took the spot I covet at a lecture, “knowing” I want that spot because I can see the projected notes and hear the lecturer (given, after all, that I’m deaf in one ear!) from that spot.

I was righteously angry – or so I thought at the time. But, after I’d cooled off, I realized I wasn’t righteous at all, but self-righteous. And I’m pretty sure she saw the build-up and kind of expected it.

That wasn’t all. For a while, any notes I sent her began with “Janice:” (made-up name), subtly letting her know how childish I thought she was (seeing later on that this was merely a projection of me onto her).

The point? What happens when I’m annoyed is that I lose perspective and maturity.

I could have chosen better if I’d caught it building up.



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