Valentine’s Day is coming up. While most may think about flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, and dinner with a special loved one, there are many people out there who feel isolated and depressed. The winter months and the associated darkness have been haunting us and now- right before Spring- arrives Valentine’s Day. For those who feel isolated and depressed, this holiday can feel like daily compounding interest! So, what is one to do when feeling down and out around this holiday?

First, stop isolating. I know, easier said than done. But truly, if you go out alone but go to a crowded place, there is some internal comfort to be found. On Valentine’s Day, those who go to the movies or even down the street for a cup of coffee tend to feel better doing these activities as a single person than simply staying home.

Second, buy yourself a gift. Don’t isolate and feel that you’re not entitled to give yourself a gift. In fact, if you are single or in a relationship but feel alone, be your own best friend. Get out of the house and buy yourself something special as a way to acknowledge your self-love.

Third, volunteer. Yes, volunteer. Let your time be someone else’s Valentine’s Day gift. There are plenty of senior citizens who are widowed and are also feeling the depth of isolation. By spending time with this demographic, not only are you keeping yourself busy, but you are also helping someone else feel less alone and less depressed on the very same holiday.

If you feel that you simply can’t take it any longer and that the isolation and depression are getting to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. There are also plenty of online resources, too. You can find them here:

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