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Holiday depression is very common and that is sad. People who are battling depression have to deal with an abundance of financial pressure and holiday music – even overly cheery people. So, how do you deal with living in the real world and dealing with holiday depression? Well, I have come up with 3 way to help you cope- but I always recommend talking with a professional to see if added professional help may be needed.

First, check in with your own expectations.  By setting realistic goals and expectations, you can avoid disappoint and fueling further feeling of sadness. By reaching out to friends, sharing tasks with family members, finding inexpensive ways to enjoy yourself, and helping others are all ways to help beat holiday stress.

Second, turn on the lights. The winter time is normally dark and dreary. By upping the wattage n your light bulbs, you can take a small step to make things appear more brighter from your perspective. Make sure to remind yourself to put the lights on and shine them brightly so when you are home, you’re not sitting in the dark. This is a small step but it does help.

Finally, travel to a place with warm weather. Yes, warm weather and (again) more light. Your environment does impact you and if you already feel sad or blue, a dark and cold environment is only to to reinforce those feelings.  If you travel to the beach in a tropical environment, your perspective and feelings about the holidays may change – but remember, depression is a clinical condition. You may need further professional help in some cases of holiday depression.

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