Hope – an encouragement and a refuge


Hope is something none of us can live without. Hope literally keeps us healthy and motivated, no matter what.  In fact, I’ve decided to write about this most important topic in both my blog and newsletter this week, because at this time of year, we can all use a little more hope.

Hope is both an encouragement and a refuge for us.

If I’ve had a bad week when everything I’ve attempted goes wrong, or when I feel rejected or ignored by someone who might have mattered to me, hope – the broader and perhaps deeper vision I carry inside myself – bolsters me.  It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that I can feel, even if I can’t see it. It reminds me that not everyone will agree with me, that not everything will work when tested in the real world. And that this is a fact that is part of living and striving for something I value, and doesn’t mean that what I value isn’t possible.

Hope reminds me of what is important. It helps me look forward with confidence.

Hope is what I work to bolster in clients who come to me for help and support.  No one comes to me because they’re feeling great; they seek me out when they’re losing hope and afraid they will remain in this hopeless state.  They don’t want that, and don’t really believe it either.  So, they seek someone like me out to help them clear their hopeless feelings and get back on track in their lives.

Hope is also a refuge. A safe place.  A place inside me – like a beautiful and safe room of my own – where I can feel good regardless of the circumstances.

It reminds me that all life is like a wave: there are natural ups and downs. There is no straight line in life – if everything is going wonderfully, there will come a time when that changes; and when everything seems to be going badly, that too will pass. In those down times that we all must meet and deal with, I tell myself and my clients that it’s temporary. It will pass. Just wait for it.

And that’s hope.


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