Sadness and mixed emotions often come from harboring a crush on people. I am writing about this now as New Year’s Eve weekend is upon us. If you’re single, this can be a depressing time for you- although it doesn’t have to be. If you are single with a crush on a special person, this time can be even more trivial. Think about it, you’re trying to enjoy your life- remain happy and confident, even think about the possibilities of things working out with your crush when- WHAM, you notice your crush has a new fling or discover that he or she isn’t interested in being in a relationship…. now what!


The biggest piece of advice I can offer you right now is to keep things in perspective. This is hard to do when you’re crushing on someone, but in order to tame your emotions and remain realistic about the pressures of New Year’s Eve, you have to admit to yourself that you think someone is special but that someone special may not have the same feelings about you. This doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or that you are not good enough for the other person, it simply means the DNA and emotional feelings they have are not on the same level as yours  – and this is ok, too!


To gage if you have a crush or if there is a real attraction, try talking to the other person. Don’t oodle and find common ground about light subject matter. Sometimes we also discover who we made our crush into via our mind isn’t always who that person truly is and our values, etc. may be all-together different. Therefore, try to strike up a conversation. If you do, and nothing works out, don[‘t beat yourself up. Know that you tried and the effort failed but then move on. Feelings are subjective and having a healthy attitude about this will help you go into the 2017 year with a better perspective if you keep thing information in mind.


If you do have to deal with rejection, it is important to keep yourself busy.  Find different public New Year’s Eve parties online or ask a friend if you can come over and watch the Ball drop on TV with him or her. BE honest and explain why.  Find healthy ways to keep yourself both positive and busy. Working out, cooking, planning your own NYE party are all great ways to deal with having a crush who is unaware or not for you this New Year’s Eve.


Having a healthy perspective on things, such as a crush, will help you live a more joyful life in 2017. Take the good with the bad but focus on the positives and find ways to cope  with the negatives. Fitness and friends are always great ways to distract yourself from the bad and cope in a happy, positive way!

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