How to not give up

Last summer, I bought an old, run-down antique Italian chandelier. I really wanted it in my home and felt I could clean it up and get it looking good. Well, it’s taking way more time and effort than I expected: 3 thorough cleanings with Q-tips, vinegar, soap and elbow grease ( I went through 2 large boxes of Q-tips), a lengthy consultation with a gold leaf expert, innumerable videos, and now I’m at the point of trying my hand at gold-leafing an ornate and finicky fixture, having no prior experience.

The one thing I know for sure is that I will get it done, even though it will probably take several retries. I know this for sure because I’ve experienced this before, and besides, there’s no way I’m going to give up after investing so much time and effort. Mostly though, I’ve been through reaching a point in a project where it seems the way forward is just too hard. I’ve learned that this point is all too often a kind of pinnacle, and if I can manage to get past it, everything else is smooth sailing (relatively speaking).

It’s true about me (and you may know this about yourself) that I have a hard time giving up. Or rather, I have a hard time giving up for very long. My chandelier example is definitely not the hardest thing I’ve tackled, but serves as a good example that I think we can all relate to: there are probably times in your life where you experienced something similar.

How to not give up means this:  keep your eye on the prise. It could be a beautiful restored piece of art, like my chandelier, or the successful completion of a big project, or pulling off a great surprise party, or a successful career change. What will always get you through is reminding yourself why you took it on in the first place, then after a brief rest, figuring out how to make it happen.


Quote of the Week

When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

– Elvis Presley 


Never, ever give up


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