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If only …

I’m in Ireland, and it’s beautiful. The people – hotel people, residents, visitors and colleagues. All helpful, willing to be there for me and everyone else. I’m in Ireland because I co-convened a conference, and then took on the Presidency of my Gestalt organization. And it was a lot of work. Quite an understatement.

The location was suggested in 2018 by someone who lived close by. We worked with the one hotel in this very small town to be able to accommodate twice as many people as eventually arrived. This Hotel – The Falls – was at all times more than accommodating and completely reliable. I can’t say enough for their help and positive attitude throughout, even in the face of COVID, cancellations, and multiple changes and modifications.

And, of course, there were lots of complaints – about the food, the accommodation, the lack of help demanded by some, where the focus by those folks was on the things missing rather than on the abundance of things present.

If only … there were more of our colleagues here, there were more vegan selections, the workshop I’d planned for wasn’t cancelled, it rained less, driving wasn’t backwards (I admit to that one), …

And then there are all the regrets that underlie these laments … if only I were smarter, had more money, had different upbringing, …

If only I had more time here in Ireland, … I could live here, … I could feel the energy of this place for a long time and keep it fresh.

The reality is that I may never be able to come again, and that makes my brief time here more memorable. I hope this energy has changed me… added to me, so that it remains present with me for a very long time.

Quote of the Week

As children we never lamented over what we didn’t have; instead we made it happen, like the toddler who loves burgers and orderes 31 of them with mom’s phone (true story).
― Maryanne Nicholls




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