Impeccability and anxiety

What does it mean to have impeccability? I had heard a friend use this word “impeccable”, found I wasn’t clear on what it meant, and looked it up.

It means: behaving, performing, or appearing in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; of being faultless. As in “A man of impeccable character”. Untarnished, acting with care and thoughtfulness.

High standards indeed! I do know people who are impeccable some of the time, but don’t know anyone who is impeccable all of the time. Seems unattainable in that way.

The question for me, being naturally anxious, is how does my anxiety diminish my capacity for being impeccable in what and how I respond to my world?

When I consider what that would look like, it would mean responding and not reacting out of shock or insecurity.  Some of the time I can do that, and I feel pretty good when I manage to respond to challenges in that way. I feel kind, open-hearted, and relaxed.

Sometimes I’m impeccable. Sometimes I’m not.

Quote of the Week

For people to respond to you, you must respond to them, instead of reacting.
― Abhijit Naskar


Respond or react? the strongest nervous system wins




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