La Guitarra

Gypsy Guitar Player, by Marvin Steel

Gypsy Guitar Player, by Marvin Steel

Last week I wrote about genius and duende.  This week I want to give a poetic instance of this in Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem “La Guitarra”.  One english translation from D. E. Pohren’s book “The Art of Flamenco”, is

The cry

of the guitar begins.

The crystals of dawn


The wail

of the guitar begins.

It is useless to silence it.

It is impossible

to silence it.

It cries monotonously

like water cries,

like wind cries

over frozen peaks.

It is impossible

to silence it.

It bemoans

distant things.

It is the hot Southern sand

craving white camellias.

It is an arrow without destination,

the afternoon without tomorrow.

Here is a beautiful and powerful spanish recital of that powerfully moving stanza … enjoy!


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