It’s good to feel safe and cozy sometimes. Safe and cozy helps me rest up for the next challenge I’m heading towards. Without that safe and cozy place to go to, my physical and emotional engine would run dry pretty fast.

Safe and cozy is definitely the least scary place for me, and I really need it. But if that’s all I ever had, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t feel so safe and cozy after a while.

I’m noticing that others share in this – many of us have safe jobs, living in a safe house, condo or apartment, and yet are beginning to feel stressed and anxious for seemingly no reason at all. Every day after a year of safe and cozy we need to remind ourselves of how lucky, how fortunate we are compared to many of our neighbours.

All true. And yet the predominant feeling right now isn’t ‘comfortable’.

It seems that too much of anything is simply too much.

You probably don’t remember your own toddler years, but if you’ve raised a toddler or even a puppy, you might have noticed their way of productively using the safe and cozy place – that place somewhere within touching distance of you. They would venture forth into the scary unknown, then when they’d had enough, they’d return to you till they felt good to go to venture out again.

We’re no different that way than how we were as toddlers: we need that safe place. And we also need challenge – not the kind that leaves you frozen in place, but the kind that offers a genuine challenge into the unknown.

Just right scary.

The power of taking risks that matter

Quote of the Week 

…maybe sometimes it’s riskier not to take a risk. Sometimes all you’re guaranteeing is that things will stay the same.”
– Danny Wallace, Yes Man


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