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A few months ago, National Geographic featured the work of Dan Buettner on what makes a person’s life satisfying.  From his travels around the world, he found 3 ways, and 3 locations that featured these 3 ways.

One is a life that’s secure and safe, where it’s easy to make a good living; the location is Singapore.

Another is an interactive life, where people mingle every day – a place that lends itself living outdoors and walking everywhere; this location is a town in Costa Rica.

The last is Northern Denmark. Here, people can freely pursue what gives their lives meaning. They don’t have to worry about health care or education. This is all provided. And therefore, they can focus on working at what they love to do. In Denmark, 80% of workers like their job (as opposed to 30% in the US).

I like the second and third options, especially the third. That’s because what I do is very important to me, and when I do what I love, I’m happy. Even without health coverage and educational opportunities, I find ways to fulfill this need of mine.

It seems to depend on what kind of person we are. There is no right answer for everyone, and I suspect there are a few more ways of living that bring certain people real happiness.

Which are you?

You can take a true happiness test – for free – at .

Where Joy hides and how to find it


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Quote of the Week

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
– Mahatma Gandhi


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  1. Great blog today. After seeking and sleuthing joy for so long I’ve actually become a magnetic attractive thoughtspace for joy!! Here’s to living and enJOYing!!

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