What does the moment ask of me?

The title comes from the question that Charlotte Selver always asked. Charlotte Selver taught countless students about sensory awareness, and how we have everything we need within ourselves for self support and connection to the world around us. I learned about sensory awareness from her student, Lee Lesser, and I use it constantly.

What does the moment ask of me? … It’s a question that I can only answer if, first of all, I’m aware of everything going on inside of me. How am I inside? Is there any part of me I’m not feeling? Or, is there any part of me that is in need of support, like tired eyes, a stiffness in my neck, a pain in my chest? And if so, what is my body telling me it needs from me, right now? A warm hand supporting my chest or neck or eyes, a moment of rest and shade, a quiet walk … what can I offer, right now, that will support my needs?

Once I’ve taken care of my own needs, then and only then am I ready to see what’s needed in my environment, including what’s needed for others. It’s like what the air attendant tells us to do if that oxygen mask pop’s out in turbulent conditions: take care of ourselves first, and then take care of any dependent.

This year, I invite you to ask this question of yourself, every day.

What does the moment ask of me?

Now I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences, knowledge, opinions.  In the comments below, share one thing that you experienced as a mirror moment that changed your day, or even your life.

This newsletter is in three parts: the first part is my contribution; the second is a video I’ve found that relates to the topic in part 1; the third is a quote. I hope you enjoy the richness this brings to the topic of the week with all three parts.

The 3 A’s of Awesome – Neil Pasricha


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Quote of the Week
If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.
― Walt Whitman

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