Stress is a part of life.  It really is impossible to “avoid” stress, but there are ways to better handle it.  The best way to better handle stress is fairly simple. When I share this trick with clients, they are almost always in disbelief. Well, here it is…

The 6 Second Rule. Yep, whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stopped what you are doing. Out loud, verbally state “I’m going to use my six second rule.” Next, focus on a wall. Look straight ahead. Take a deep breath in. Let the deep breath go out through your nose. Next, count to six like so “One potato. Two potato. Three potato. Four potato. Five potato. Six potato. I’m now done with the six second rule.”

One of my clients said this exercise was like something The Count from Sesame Street might use. Well, sure. I guess I can see that comparison, only this does work. It takes the panic out of any overwhelming emotions you may be feeling at the time and helps re-center you back to your environment.

Now, try it. Stop reading this blog and do the exercise for yourself. I promise, it works!

Until next time,

Maryanne Nicholls

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