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I’m going to be launching my official “press release” portion of this page. Normally, I wire my releases but I feel the information is also for the public- not just the media- thus, I will also share them here. Below is my most recent release.

Registered Psychotherapist Says “We’re all nuts”; which is why we all need help.

June 2016 

Maryanne Nicholls of The Joy of Living is a professional speaker, guest blogger, and a Registered Psychotherapist. She has a private practice and offers online, self-guided help for those seeking a little more than R&R during stressful times. Maryanne, who pens a weekly blog, says that “we’re not really that different” when it comes to stress responses and trauma and that negative self-talk often steers us away from getting help.

“We’re all nuts. There it is out there. We all have our quirks, and if that is what the social definition of nuts is – as wrong as that may be- then fine. Personally, labels are for soup cans. Lets all stop focusing on who is “nuts” and start focusing on ourselves. We can’t relieve stress or address issues if we are putting labels on anyone, everyone or ourselves,” says Nicholls.

The Joy of Living features free informational blogs without providing a credit card or an email address. The resource is designed this way to help people feel safe when seeking advice on how to handle everything from rage to dealing with a Fitbit obsession. Additionally, Maryanne provides tips on coping with serious issues, like trauma and depression with isolation.

“I offer in-person counseling and I offer self-guided products through video. Whatever someone is comfortable with is what they have to go with. The blog is free and no one has to give up personal information. The first session of counseling is free, too. I try to make my services as available as they can be for everyone thinking about self-improvement,” finished Maryanne.

Maryanne Nicholls also provides corporate speaking and Skype events to corporate groups. A list of her speaking topics, as well as her biography, can be found here:


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