It’s amazingly difficult to nurture my body: I am very aware that I need 8 to 9 hours of sleep nightly, and that eating close to bedtime makes it hard to get to sleep – and yet when I have lots of work, I eat late. I know for sure that I need to move my body to feel good, yet when deadlines loom, I can very easily talk myself out of doing any such thing.

I’m getting better at paying attention to what my body needs because I’ve come to understand how central it’s sense of well-being is to my overall sense of well-being. For me, it took getting very unwell for 4 years. That taught me how central my physical health is to everything else in my life – my brain function, my ability to enjoy food and company.

So, now I deliberately notice when I’m feeling even slightly out of sorts, and I take the time to address it. I’m convinced it’s a big part of the reason I feel more alive today at 72 than I did at 52.

What are your thoughts?

Self-care: What it really is

Quote of the Week

When you nurture your body, it reciprocates.”
– Oprah Winfrey


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