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My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light!”

That quote, from Edna St. Vincent Millay, eloquently sums up the allure of going all out till we drop. It’s addictive. It gives us such an intoxicating high. And yet, if we don’t stop, it will burn us out long before we want it to.

This self-guided and comprehensive starter program is designed to look at all aspects of stress and burn-out. It provides a wealth of the most up-to-date science-backed information, walking you through every aspect of stress, how it impacts your life physically, mentally and emotionally, and what you can do about it now, to reclaim your joy in life.

Price: $397.00

Registration closes October 15th

30% discount for groups of 10 or more

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Registration is still open for BURNING THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS.

What people say about Burning the Candle at Both Ends

“Maryanne’s Burning the Candle at Both Ends online program was more than I could have expected. Going through the online modules each week, I learned things about stress and how it was affecting my life in ways I did not even realize. I was burnt-out, overwhelmed and did not fully understand how I got there. And I had no idea how to get out of it. But this program helped me to gradually understand this and it showed me that I do not have to stay burnt-out and overwhelmed. That there are ways in which I can support myself to stay empowered in my life and ultimately joyful. What I truly enjoyed was that I could complete the modules on my own terms, at my own speed. I determined how much time I would spend on them each week and when I would complete them, which allowed me to not feel overwhelmed in this process. I would recommend this program to anyone who feels stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and is unsure about how to fix it. This program is a great starting point.

~ Jacqueline W., Toronto

“I found the program to be both effective and rewarding. I think many people experience stress but not many really understand the impact it has on their lives – me included. As I went through the program, I understand how stress works in my life; I began to feel my body in a way I’ve never felt before, and I’ve developed daily routines that support me in living free of unnecessary stress.  As a result, I recommend this program to a lot of people I know.”

~ Brian Nicholls, Toronto