Our sacred responsibility to ourselves

I’ve had a life-long problem with self-care. Self-care is the first thing I drop when I’m busy and have things ‘more interesting’ to deal with.

I am aware I’m not alone in this lack of self-regard. It seems at least partly cultural. It’s definitely something my community views as admirable in some ways – the image of the self-sacrificing person caring for their world around them at a cost to themselves.

There are any number of ways I can ignore self-care. Most of the time it’s daily: yes, I brush my teeth and these days make sure I get enough sleep; I also have a daily meditation routine that I’ve – at long last – made a habit. I try to eat well, etc., etc.. But what I drop very quickly are daily stretches and exercises, light eating at specified times with family – anything I either don’t like that much, or for things I like more. With the convenient excuse that I don’t have time for sitting down to a meal, or getting outside for half an hour.

Half an hour! Come on!

And then, I find myself scrolling for an hour instead.

The reason I have formed a few good habits that I’m careful about maintaining is because, in the past, after not doing these things, I’ve ended up sick, or making mistakes. I’ve ended up paying for not taking care of myself that only those close to me care anything about. Certainly not my boss, or those I work with in organizations.

Self-care is a sacred responsibility. If you don’t ensure that you are as physically well as you can be, then there is no way you can gift the rest of us with who you are.

There is almost always a grape vine solution to any problem. It may not be as elegant as a more expensive solution. Then again, it might be better!

Quote of the Week

Self-care is a divine responsibility.”

– Danielle LaPorte


Why self-care isn’t selfish


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