When you think back on the most memorable and far-reaching lessons you’ve learned in your life, who was your teacher?  Was it someone you admired? Someone you looked up to and wanted to emulate? Or, was it someone you didn’t want to know? Someone who was never satisfied or who triggered you and brought the worst part of yourself out in plain sight?

All of these people are our teachers, and sometimes the lessons that stick the most and that we gain the most mileage from are those lessons where we had to face an ugly part of ourselves that we never wanted to even acknowledge was there.

That person who triggers you may be showing you what you don’t want to see about yourself.  Not necessarily, but it’s possible. The one who is never satisfied may be willing to stick with it – and you – until you are able to see a new and better way. You probably hate that teacher – until you get it.

One teacher whose memory I cherish was my grade 6 science teacher. He entertained himself and us daily with wild experiments; and he wasn’t conventional in any way. I loved that! Another teacher never let up on letting me know what she didn’t like about my approach – I felt judged by her, unseen. But then, eventually, I got what she was trying to help me see about myself. Another teacher was a man who reminded me of a someone from my past; I eventually discovered that I was relating to that man as if her were the person from my past. I wsn’t seeing the man in front of me at all! That day I freed myself from my past in a really big way.

For us humans, our whole life is about learning something new, and often that is a hard thing to do, especially if the learning involves changing a habit or outlook we’ve carried with us for a while.

What teachers were you lucky enough to have in your life?

Life Lessons Through Tinkering – From A Good Teacher

Quote of the Week 

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know..”
― Pema Chödrön


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